The history of beautiful Cherasco dates back to 1243, when Marquess Manfredi Lancia, imperial vicar, and Sarlo di Drua, podestà of Alba, ordered its construction on the plain at the confluence of rivers Tanaro and Stura. Lots of invasions and fights then followed one another until 1796, when Napoleone Bonaparte came and dictated the terms of surrender at Salmatoris Palace. The walls which used to surround the town were knocked down and replaced by the wonderful avenues which still contain the old town today.
We don't want to reveal all the details though, also because words aren't often the best means to tell something magic that only your eyes and your heart will be able to appreciate. Come and visit Cherasco and you'e bound to fall in love with the magic of this place.

If you stay at our B&B you won't have to take the car to get to town. On the contrary, you'll be able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the natural landscape outside the walls. We're quite proud of the strategic position of our town, which is about 50 km from both Cuneo and Turin and most of all very close to the beautiful Langa. This place represents the perfect starting point for some great hiking and for culture-themed trips.

Michela e Gianpiero